Client Testimonials

I knew when I chose Alexka to take my photos, I made the best choice for branding my business. I adore Alexka as a colleague and friend and quite frankly it was a no-brainer. Alexka takes amazing photos & is an amazing photo story-teller. That is clear in all the work I have seen her do, from the photos on her website to those candids on Insta. What I didn’t realize is she would literally make me feel so amazingly comfortable in my own skin, that I would take some of the best photos of my entire life. I often look at photos taken of me and wonder where my “soul” has gone - these couldn’t possibly be pictures of me??? The day that I got my photo gallery from Alexka, she sent a few edited versions to give me a glimpse of what we had to work with - as I scrolled the e-mail a picture came up and it literally took my breath away . . . it was a picture of me. I took my own breath away. I didn’t realize that was possible. I think this is the way your learn to fall in love with yourself. Alexka is magic. She has the ability to let you see yourself through someone else’s eyes. Through Alexka’s eyes. I never fully comprehended this until now. Thank you Alexka for sharing your amazing skills with me and the world!!
— Michelle Blanchette, DoTerra Essential Oils Educator, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor,
I mean come on! I am over the moon with the results. I keep coming back again and again to look at them. Alexka, you do such amazing work!
— Holly M., Rye, NH
Woo- hoo Alexka!!! Doing back flips over here - FABULOUS photos - thank you thank you!!! I can’t wait to use these on my new website. You are in your dharma girl - so much JOY in these photos!!! xo!
— Martha Gleason, Martha Gleason Voice Studio, Portsmouth, NH
Alexandra is a born creative and cultivates abundance through various mediums. Photographing my yoga retreat in Spain…she not only captured the essence of the retreat in the photos she took, but infused the group energy with her wisdom, love and enthusiasm for travel, culture, art and spirituality. I deeply appreciated her mindfulness and intuition which were present throughout the entire experience working together. Her skill, intention and confidence behind the camera translated to her subjects and made for some of the most beautiful moments that I will forever cherish! She is amazing. This will be the first of many more collaborations in the future.
— Lauren L., Raise Your Beat, International Yoga Retreats
Your talent is beyond! This was a rough day for Frannie, and you still managed to capture these amazing shots!
— Jai K., Newfields, NH
Alexka has this innate ability to make her subject (you) feel at ease. I have learned that this talent is critical! I have always felt I am “not good in front of a camera”. On the day of my shoot, I was worried and nervous that my professional photos would show up with that goofy fake smile that I seem to do. I was getting ready to expand my brand, and I knew that I needed not good…but great photos. Alexka delivered.

She has a way to bring out the inner “you” in a very comfortable manner. This along with whatever magic she does with your photos really makes for eye popping photos. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are thinking of new head shots or photos for your website and social media, look no further. I am really looking forward to our family shoot which is next.
— Raef Granger, Business Attorney, Speaker, and Coach, Portsmouth, NH
Alexka! I just can’t stop laughing—these are SO GREAT! You’re definitely right, the imperfect moments are the most perfect! Thank you so much for capturing these moments- and that Asher and Ainsley pose…LOL… absolutely priceless. (wondering if I should make it our Christmas Card- J) Thank you for including it! Looking forward to sharing these with Family and Friends!
— Aubrey B., Portsmouth, NH
I’ve been GAZING at these photos. We’re all in LOVE and are getting ready to order through SmugMug ASAP!
— Amy P., MA
Oh. My. Goodness!!! Tears in my eyes every time I look at these images from the most sacred, magical photo shoot there ever was! Thank you for so perfectly capturing the essence of our Kula! We love you!! 💜🔮

— Marla Cinilia and Stephanie Feranto, 3 Bridges Yoga, Portsmouth, NH
Shine Testimonial.jpg
DAMN you are good... How on earth did you do it? These pictures are *exquisite*. Yes, we will be taking the entire batch. WOW!
— Nin G., Shine Design, Portsmouth, NH
I had so much fun doing this... THANK YOU! You are a true artist. ❤️❤️
— Kathryn Davis, Citizen Canine Pet Care, Kittery, ME
Alexandra has provided two photo shoots for me to-date, and will be my go-to for future photography needs. She’s got a great eye for seeing what’s really important in the shot. She also has a great demeanor for working with smaller children. Both sides of the family couldn’t choose between which photos they wanted! Great Job Alexka!
— Aaron Bennett, Criterium Engineers, Portsmouth, NH
I needed new headshots to market my health and wellness business. I chose Alexandra because I had seen her photographs and knew she would bring the fresh, positive energy to my headshots that I was looking for and the results are outstanding! Alexandra was an incredible teacher with an artistic eye and she made me feel confident and comfortable during the shoot. The response in social media has been more than I expected with people commenting that I “don’t age,” that I have “found the fountain of youth,” and that the photos were a “testament to [my] products.” This has generated an unexpected opportunity for me to increase my business! Not to mention, the lovely presentation of the thumbdrive and DVD of photos when they were delivered - so beautiful, so elegant, they made me feel special, and the online gallery allows me to order high quality prints with ease. I highly recommend Alexandra to any professional who wants to enhance their business with beautiful, elegant, energetic photographs.
— Lynne G., Arbonne National VP of Sales, Portsmouth, NH
Love this photographer....and love this team.
— Chris K., Spencer-Thomas Group, Portsmouth, NH
HOLY COW, who needs a photographer? Alexandra Chan Photography is AMAZING.
— Amanda M., Music Teacher & Vocalist, Portsmouth, NH
I LOVE these photos! I am so happy. I can’t possibly choose. I’ll take them all :D !!
— Emily K., Rochester, NY
These pictures are amazing! Even with a very sick baby and two cold/tired kids you captured beautiful pictures of our family....We can’t thank you enough!!
— Sarah H., Portsmouth, NH
Alexandra, I can’t thank you enough. You made a girl who strongly dislikes getting her picture taken comfortable, and your creativity with the shots was great. I had so much fun and I am going to have a hard time deciding on which photos to use for my new business site!
— Meegan S., Thrive Health and Wellness, Portsmouth, NH
Alexandra, you take extraordinary, DEEPLY SENSITIVE, and moving photographs. Thank you.
— Jared S., Lafayette, CO
There’s something to be said for a photographer who doesn’t mind getting soaking wet and constantly needing to “de-fog” her glasses just to capture amazing pics too! am totally blown away by how beautiful these came out! We will treasure these forever. Thank you SO MUCH for these.
— Jennifer F., Londonderry, NH
Alexandra is amazingly talented. People will cherish their memories as seen through her artistic and thought-provoking lens. HURRAY FOR US!!
— Cara C., Portsmouth, NH
These are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much.
— Heather C., Portsmouth, NH
Alexandra’s photos captured the emotion I’ve always wanted to feel while looking at our family photos. She makes you feel comfortable while you are going about your activities, as if she is not even in the room, and because she is a mother of two, she was fantastic with my son.

She has a gift for turning EVERYDAY LIFE into ART
— Cynthia T., Portsmouth, NH
Alexandra guided us with an easy-going and gentle energy that put us immediately at ease. Her MINDFUL and EXPERIENCED eye captured sweet, sincere, and personal moments we spontaneously shared as a family. The time went by all too fast and we cannot wait to do it again!
— Jennifer C., Greenland, NH