Dr. Alexandra Chan

I am an archaeologist by day - a mom, an author, lover of soil and history, but it is people that I study and write about, who capture my imagination and spur me to take on insects, weather, 120 mile treks through uncleared land in Maine, or the impressive williwaws of the Aleutian Islands.  And at the end of the day, it is still people that I study.  Inspired by the countless unguarded, elegant, and human moments we each experience every day, I put down my shovel and pick up my camera, but I'm doing the same thing either way - watching people and telling stories.    

This is true whether I am doing a freestyle candid shoot with your family, or a more structured "not so corporate" for all your professional imaging needs.

Here is what I have learned. There are stories in each of us. There is art in all that you do. My motivation and my passion is to capture it in a candid, easy-going, and effortless manner that is enjoyable for everyone. My photography captures real moments in your real life. If you are a professional, I'm going to capture the humanity behind the facade. There are no "cogs in the wheel" in my world. You will feel the emotional difference that that makes when you see the results.


Let me help you tell your story!  Based in Portsmouth, NH, and serving the NH Seacoast area.  Flexible scheduling and package options are available.

Ask questions. Book a session. Say hello! Send inquiries via the "open form" button below. Or call/email me directly.


Tel: (617) 721-5556